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Our engineering team uses two kinds of tools: off-the-shelf and home-made tools

Home-made tools

Many of the needed calculations can be made by home-made (more or less relative) simple analysis, and those can be made by dedicated programming in Microsoft tools like Excel and Visual Basic.

It is often requested to leave these dedicated tools in customer computers, in order to be used by them for further analysis.

Off-the-shelf tools

The passion of our team for simulation tools has boost our development. For cases where home-made tools canĀ“t be applied; we think that engineering validated tools, acting like a commonly accepted quality standard, produces two main good results:

  • Agility for fast calculation results: we can dedicate our efforts to create the boundary conditions of the problem, leaving the right internal equations handling to a validated software tool
  • Quality for a high precision results, as far as validated off-the-shelf software tools includes thousand of engineering hours behind, we get the very high level of accuracy, by means of those right equations, algorithms, and software solvers behind

A sampling of these off-the-shelf tools are the following ones

  • Amesim (for air or gases, steady-state or dynamic analysis)
  • Simulink (for pure control or mechanical design)
  • Matlab-Simulink (for cosimulation of Simulink+Amesim, joining Controls simulation capacitiy of Simulink with right pneumatic simulation of Amesim)
  • Flow-Master (for air or gases steady-state analysis)
  • Adams (for mechanical part engineering)
  • Adams flex (for flexible mechanical pars engineering)
  • (inminently) CFD analysis (for three dimension air or gases analysis)
  • Easy5 (for hydraulics analysis)
  • Adams-Hydraulics (for hydraulics analysis)

Note that an agreement with these tools suppliers is required.

About Nitoxarg

Nitoxarg is born from the engineering experience on these activities in a very important aerospace team, based in the daily use of dedicated specialized (off-the-self) simulation tools, like Amesim, Matlab-Simulink, Flowmaster, etc; and some others home-made tools.

Our team´s vocation is summarized in three words: service, service, service. The deeply inside sense of service has inspired and it will try to inspire all our relationships with our customers.

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+34 915 354 140

+34 671 527 284

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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